Terms of Use

Terms of use regarding Meganisi Dreaming website and business catalogue

The use of the electronic pages of Meganisi Dreaming by the user implies the full agreement to the following terms of use applicable to all materials, including images, illustrations, designs, icons, photographs and files contained on the web pages of the website. Therefore, the user should read these terms carefully before using the website and in case of disagreement, he/she should not make use of the website and its content. The user is advised to check the content of the site for potential changes. The continued use of pages of Meganisi Dreaming, even after changes, implies the unconditional acceptance of these terms by the user.


The entire content of this website, except information and trademarks displayed in the business catalogue and real estate, as well as videos and photos posted by third parties, is protected by copyright of MeganisiDreaming and governed by national and international legislation on intellectual property. Logos, names, brands and features contained on the website belong to MeganisiDreaming and/or the persons referred to as the owners of related rights in the website and are protected under the legislation on industrial and intellectual property. Data consisting intellectual property of third parties which appear in the web pages of MeganisiDreaming have been placed in good faith and in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the website. It is obvious that it will be removed if requested by the beneficiaries or if the service is stopped to beneficiaries.

Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability

MeganisiDreaming makes every effort to ensure all content and information displayed on the website is accurate, clear, complete and available. In no case, however, we can not guarantee and therefore shall not be liable (or even negligence) for any damage caused to the user by the use of the website. Content and services are provided "as is" without any express or implied warranty, expressed or implied, regarding quality, suitability, inviolate compatibility, security and accuracy, which we all explicitly deny especially in cases where third party information appear in the site. Moreover, we are not responsible for any damage (direct or consequential, that may be indicative form of loss of profits, compensation, etc.) of users whose business appear in the business catalogue, especially when the recipient of the service has given wrong information about the business or has given information to display his business in third parties. We make every effort for the good functioning of the network, but in any case we do not warrant that the functions or services of the servers will be uninterrupted whether it is about the MeganisiDreaming website, or sites and services included in the web pages of MeganisiDreaming.

Business Guide

The registration in the business catalogue is performed after contacting the trader concerned and is valid for one year with the option of subscriber package or basic package (with few information) which is free of charge. In the case of subsciber package and after a period of one year, if the trader does not renew the subscription, the visibility of the company is reduced to the basic view and remains in the business catalogue for one more year, if it is desired by the trader. In the case of the basic package and after a period of one year, if the beneficiary does not upgrade to the subscriber package, the business is removed from the business directory. The beneficiary is compensated with the amount allocated for the promotion of his business in the business catalogue only in case of closure of MeganisiDreaming.

Transitional Provisions

We reserve the right to change the content or services of Meganisi Dreaming, as well as the terms and conditions of use, whenever necessary and without prior notice, by simply announcing them through the website. These terms shall be governed and interpreted by the Greek law, and responsible for any disputes shall be the courts of Athens.