The history of the island

The first name of the island was Tafos, the son of Ippothois, daughter of the Lefkadian Lelega and Poseidon. In general, during the ancient and historical years, Meganisi always followed the same course and fate as Lefkada did. For more information on the history of Lefkada please visit the web site of Go Lefkas.
B.C. era
7th century B.C. The island is captured by the Corinthians.
197 B.C. The island was conquered by the Romans.
A.D. era


The Duke and then Doge Morosini gives Meganisi as a fief to Anastasios Metaxas.

1842 John Davy refers to the problem of drought and to the existence of two wells in Meganisi.
1848 A gastrointestinal disorder with the form of an epidemic blast affects the residents of Meganisi.
Then and until 1864 the island came upon to the Ottoman Empire.


The island is captured by the Venetians.


Chimera - The first seal of the Municipality of Tafion

1720 The first cadastre was edited for Meganisi by S. Semitecolos.
1797 The island came upon to the French.
1798 The island goes to the Russo - Turkish.


The State of the Ionian Islands is founded.

1807-1809 The Imperial French are ruling Meganisi.

1821, the National Revolution

Meganisi participated actively and one of the best captains of the revolution emerged, Dimos Tselios (Demetrios or Dimos Ferentinos) known as "Gero Dimos" of the eponymous "kleftiko" song.

1829 The Municipality of Meganisi emerges.


Meganisi and the other Ionian Islands were united with Greece shaking off the English domination.

1906 Aristotelis Onasis is born in Smirni.


The church of St. Vissarion was built, who is regarded as the patron saint of the island. Read about his bio here: Document

1914 The municipality does not exist anymore. However, two communities operate: Vathy (Vathy - Katomeri) and Spartochori.
1917 Georgios Varnakiotis - Fought with the Resistance
1943 EPON (Hellenic Youth Organization) of Meganisi is founded.
1946 The community of Vathy was divided into two communities: the one of Vathy and the other of Katomeri.
Modern history
1963 Onasis purchases the island of Scorpios.
1970 The cave of Deamon or Cyclops   Video | Document


A small plane with two persons on board falls to the port of Vathi.

1974 Electrification of the island.
1975 Onasis passes away.
1976 Telecommunication services establishment.
1980 Secondary school was established for the first time in Meganisi.


Meganisi is supplied with water from Vafkeri.


The municipality operates again with the name: Municipality of Meganisi.

1993 Panos Palmos represents Meganisi for the first time in the National Parliament.


High School classes operate in Meganisi.

Meganisi was the shelter for many people who were resisting to and chased by the Ottoman Empire. Among others, Odysseas Androutsos, Karaiskakis and Lepeniotis found shelter in Meganisi.

From the Venetian Period until the Second World War and shortly after, the occupation of the inhabitants was almost the same. They cultivated their own or leased farmland. They sowed wheat, flax and legumes. They cared for their grapevines and their olives.

After the Second World War the majority of the residents turned to shipping and became sailors. By the end of the German occupation and particularly in the past decades, most people improved their level of education and worthy people emerged, such as professionals, employees, officers, scientists and artists.