Rich and diverse are the musical sounds of Meganisi with influences from Epirus, Rumeli and the mainland.

Our traditional dances are in the rhythms of tsamiko, syrto and kalamatianos with the clarinet starring as the dominant musical instrument. Particularly famous is the Lefkadian song "Milia", which is also danced in Meganissi, but less frequently than in Lefkada.

Wedding songs were of particular importance in the music tradition of the island, especially in the era where no radio and live orchestras existed. In that time, the people themselves were lyricists, musicians and singers at the same time, as stated in a relevant article on the website Thus, they were making wedding songs to embrace the joy and to dance along with the lyrics and their voices.

It should be noted that the contribution of the musician Anthony Leontaritsis (Kritsas) was very important, especially with the disc "Lefkaditisses Glykes". Songs of his can be found on the video pages 2,7 and 8. Among his famous songs are: "Kokoras", "Spartochoritissa" and "I will come a night to the island".

Fotis Solos - Small Islands. Click here to hear the song.