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"Pezoula" Traditional Cafe

Owner: Labrini Kanellou
Address: Katomeri, P. C. 31 083
Operating period: All year

+30 26450 51536

Beach Bar "AGRIOS"

Owner: Anna Kavvada
Address: Spilia - Spartochori, P.C. 31 083
Description: The Beach Bar "Agrios" is one of the oldest and well-known place of the island in one of the most organized beaches. Relax by the sea starting early in the morning with your favorite coffee and close your day with your favorite drink late at night. Enjoy yourself with music that travels your mind and without "agries (wild) diathesis (mood)".
Operating period: 1/5 - 31/10

+30 6976298087

Beach Bar "Jammin' in Paradise"

Owner: Dimitris Katopodis
Address: Fanari - Katomeri, P.C. 31083
Description: A beautiful beach bar, located on Fanari, the most famous beach on Meganisi. Relax listening to reggae, latin, ethnic, jazz, blues music. Enjoy your drink next to the sea and together we...Jam in Paradise...
Operating period: 1/5 - 15/10

+30 6932524390
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Cafe - Snack Bar "Summer Sun"

Owner: Petros Stragalinos
Address: Spartochori, P. C. 31083
Description: Υou will find "Summer Sun" in the picturesque village of Spartochori since 1992. With beautiful surroundings, pleasant staff and the best view of the Ionian Sea awaits you to enjoy the morning coffee or the beverage of your choice up to the evening drink or your favorite cocktail.
Operating period: 20/4 - 20/10

+30 26450 51588
+30 6976753718

Canteen "Limonari"

Owner: Kostas Mantzaris
Address: Limonary - Katomeri, P. C. 31 083

+30 6937909798

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