Winter and summer activities

Adventure and exploration in all splendor!

The winter months are in general hard as the island seems to hibernate. The island does not have much nightlife and few people arearound, unlike summer, but those who know how to have fun they will find the way. The summer months, on the other hand are more alive, active and carefree.

In winter, cafes, taverns, bars and clubs are open except those that operate only during the summer season. Although the majority of those operate in Vathy village, in Katomeri and Spartochori you will also find small taverns and cafes.

The island is definitely suitable for hiking and biking. Beautifil routes exist with sceneries and views that are absolutely amazing!

During the winter months and particularly after the start of the school year and until June, a cinema club operates at the island's event hall in Spartochori village, with canteen for children and adults.

You will always find some time for reading a favorite book along with your coffee in the winter, next to the fireplace listening to the rain fall or by the sea at the summer season.

Probably there are no winter swimmers on the island. Nevertheless, the island offers beaches for all tastes for summer lovers. Organized or not. Many people are also interested in diving.

Organized beaches to swim:
  • Spilia - Rokka You will find cafes, cold drinks and lounge chairs with umbrellas to hang out and relax. There is a small playground for children, volleyball court and plenty of space for racquetball. If of course you are hungry you will find taverns and restaurants to fool your hunger. The best time for swimming is in the morning.
  • Fanari: You will find a cafe, lounge chairs with umbrellas and swings for children. There is also space for volleyball and racquetball.
  • Limonari: There is a canteen to cool off and relax.
  • Aghios Ioannis There is a tavern for your thirst, but if you want to have your breakfast, launch or dinner you have to make a reservation.

Not organized beaches to swim:

  • Stravnam
  • Aghios Ioannis lake
  • Herniades
  • Vathi Lagadi
  • Elia
  • Korakofolia
  • Mparmparezou if you enjoy diving from the rocks
  • Passoumaki
  • Koutelades.. if it is seaweeds-free you can try.
  • Beretta: You can reach it by your boat or you can rent one.
  • .. and of course the countless bays and coves of the island that you will discover.

Set sail! With a fair wind, upwind sails, we raise the anchors and we are ready to go! Explore every inch of the island. The Ionian islands and more specifically Meganisi is one of the sailors and sailing boat shelters.

It is worth noting the regattas that taking place the last years: "Meganisi Regatta" and "Ionian Regatta", which tend to become an ordinance.

If you like fishing, you can practice regardless of the season and you can taste the fish of the Ionian Sea.

If you like exploring and visiting new places, during the summer months you can rent a boat and go around the island or visit the nearby small islands.

Explore the island inch by inch by sea kayaking.Sea kayaking is ideal for both beginners and more experienced individuals. Do not miss the opportunity to admire the magnificent coastline of the island through various organized routes in the crystal clear waters of the Ionian sea and discover hidden beaches and sea caves.

During the summer time, several events take place, such us: Folk and literature nights, Karagiozis Theater, Chess games, Football games, Basketball games and traditional dances of the folkloric groups from the International Folklore Festival of Lefkada.