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Lakis Boats - All day cruises

Owner: Apostolos Athanitis
Address: Spartochori, P. C. 31 083
Operating period: 1/5 - 31/10

+30 697 6807035
+30 697 6409642

Meg Explorers

Owner: Stefanos Panagopoulos
Address: Vathy, P. C. 31 083
Description: Bicycle rentals: Trekking bikes, Mountain bikes, E-bikes Established in 2017, Meg Explorers has the ambition to provide the best way to experience and discover the island of Meganisi and its local culture. By taking a bicycle, we aim to show you the Meganisi you want to see-not just the beautiful scenery, but give you a hands on experience of its typical daily life and a feel for the 'magic' and 'spirit' of this beautiful island, its welcoming people and vibrant culture. One can choose either a classic bicycle or an e-bike which allows you to ride in a more relaxed way and explore wonderful sights and landscape without too much effort.
Operating period: 1/5 - 31/10


Odyseas Marina Rentals

Owner: Odyseas Marina S.A.
Address: Vathy, P. C. 31 083
Description: Car rentals, Small Boat Rentals, Motorbike Rentals, Quad Bike rentals, Bicycle rentals.
Operating period: All year

+30 26450 51084
+30 26450 51596
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